Summer dress


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Our perfect summer dress for warmer days. Easy to wear with adjustable straps.

Designed by us, handmade in Amsterdam

*delivery time 3 to 4 weeks

‘Your created products can only be returned in case of manufacturing defects’

We are open for any requests or ideas. It’s impossible to show all shirts we have, so let us know what you like and we will try to make it work
Don’t hesitate, send us an email

Our sizing is true to its range, and designed with room to grow. But off course our sizes can differ per child.
If you are unsure of what size to get, send us an email

Age Suitable for kids
2 Years (92cm) will fit age 1,5 through 2 yrs.
3 Years (98cm) will fit age 2 through 3 yrs.
4 Years (104cm) will fit age 3 through 4 yrs.
5 Years (110cm) will fit age 4 through 5 yrs.
6 Years (116cm) will fit age 5 through 6 yrs.
7 Years (122cm) will fit age 6 through 7 yrs.
8 Years (128cm) will fit age 7 through 8 yrs.

976 in stock

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    Every garment has its own story. 

    Revitalized. Created by you.

    Before you send us your shirt, we have some wishes:

    • we prefer shirts without pockets
    • stains are ok, but not in the front or the back of the shirt

    After you complete your order, please fill out your details on the checkout page.

    You can send your own shirt to:
    Little Boomerang Amsterdam,
    Valeriusstraat 127hs,
    1075 ES Amsterdam

    You will find this address on the checkout page too.

    You want to drop by and pick-up your creation, great! 

    Some very important notes!
    1. We will contact you for an appointment, so please double check your contact information on the checkout form.
    2. Don't forget to select the 'local pickup' option on the checkout form.

    See you soon!

    We are going to send your creation to the address on the checkout form,
    please check your order/details carefully when you checkout.

    You will find our package in your mailbox soon!

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Our perfect summer button dress. Easy to wear with adjustable straps.

Designed by us, handmade in Amsterdam

*delivery time 4 to 5 weeks

When you send us your shirt, we offer a 20% discount.
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