We believe in co-operation

So we’re proud to tell you all about the first product we boomeranged with Bugaboo

Once upon a time…

One winter’s day in the Bugaboo office in Amsterdam, an email went round announcing that they were clearing out the fabric room.
Bugaboo strollers are designed to last, so the materials they use are of timeless quality. Even so, some of this hard-wearing fabric ends up as waste — small offcuts and fabric from discontinued strollers. Bugaboo has no way to reuse this surplus fabric.
But we do.
One of Little Boomerang’s partners who works part-time for Bugaboo read the email and immediately understood that this was a golden opportunity. She sprinted to the fabric room to rescue the surplus fabrics and give them a second life.

And that’s how it all started.

Circularity is at the heart of our design process

We strive to make all our products out of surplus fabrics.

The design process

Because we only want to make products out of existing materials, there’s a limit to the fabrics and materials we can use. This can make things quite tricky, but we’re not afraid of a challenge!
We spent a couple of weeks analysing the list of surplus fabrics. They had surplus zippers, polyester straps, lining, and canvas.
Because the ‘rescued’ canvas was of very high quality, it didn’t us take long to come up with an idea for a new product: bags for kids!
We made a one-off sample in our Amsterdam workshop and asked our friends what they thought.

And just like that, a new product was born.

From sample to full scale production
A journey of discovery…

The production process in China…

making the most of Bugaboo resources

After we made our sample backpack, we discovered that there was much more surplus fabric available. The only trouble was that it was in the Bugaboo factory in Xiamen, China. Sending it all back to the Netherlands to produce the bags locally would take a lot of time and produce needless CO2 emissions.
So we decided that it was more sensible to leave the fabric where it was, and produce the bags in China. The big advantage to this is that Bugaboo gave us access to their production facilities, logistics setup and a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

The Bugaboo team in China were super helpful. They were very enthusiastic about the design of the bags and really excited about repurposing the surplus fabric into new products. Bugaboo trains all its Xiamen employees in their Responsible Business policies, and runs a range of programs that promote quality of life and a better work-life balance, including:

• A childcare center, health center, and mutual medical insurance
• An extensive learning and career development program
• Free health checks and extra rest time for pregnant women
• Numerous social clubs and regular social events for everyone

…and in the Netherlands

Bringing it back home

But we couldn’t let go the thought of producing things locally. We strongly believe
that there are lots of talented people in the Netherlands who deserve acknowledgment and support. So we decided to produce our string bags together with our social partner, Pantar. Pantar is Amsterdam’s largest work and training provider for people who struggle to access the labor market. Click the link below to find out more about the company and their mission.

In the end, we’ve made the world a bit greener!

We’re extremely proud of this new product range.