Our mission is to inspire a shift
towards a conscious way of handling and buying clothes

Every garment has a story. We help that story continue.

Our journey started at school: two mums who loved kids’ clothing and healthy food. The food industry has gone crazy for organic, sustainable produce, but when it comes to fashion, all the rules about buying products that are good for the earth go out the window. Although consciousness for sustainable fashion is growing, it’s still not top of mind. People – including us – throw out good clothes too easily. If it’s the wrong size, if the color’s not right, if it’s damaged or stained… it’s somehow OK to throw it away!


We realized that this ‘in-or-out’ mindset needed to change. We need to start caring – both for our environment and for the people around us. We wanted to make a difference. We wanted to be part of a conscious mindset in fashion. So we started Little Boomerang Amsterdam to make kids’ clothes that we love, inspired by the basics of what men wear: simple, classic, and timeless. All our products are designed by us in Amsterdam. Our design mission is to make basics for kids that they can wear year-round. We convert non-wearables into wearables again. We help the story continue.

Slide THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY IS ONE OF THE DIRTIEST INDUSTRIES We've pioneered an environmentally-friendly production process Slide We reuse clothes you've already got and give preloved items a new story IN THE NETHERLANDS WE THROW OUT 235 MILLION KG OF FABRIC EVERY YEAR Slide LESS THAN A QUARTER OF CLOTHES ARE REUSED We transform garments from the past into reflections of the future Slide 30% OF THE CLOTHES WE THROW OUT ARE HIGH QUALITY ITEMS We're proud to make clothes that never go out of fashion Slide INTEREST IN SUSTAINABLE FASHION IS GROWING BY 4% EACH YEAR Our mission fits with this growing consciousness