We believe in local and fair production

so we make all our products in our own atelier in Amsterdam

Slide We work with talented people with a distance to
the labour market. All of them are talented, but do not
have the right qualifications to realize their dream.
We believe in their capabilities, their drive and passion
We are a social foundation whose purpose is to employ
and encourage people with a distance to the labour market.
Together we build on our dream: they get the support to develop
their hidden talent and we grow as a social enterprise.

As social as we can be
Social is our key value


Circular is the new black

all our products are made out from surplus fabrics

Slide By up-cycling existing fabrics we fight the
trend towards "throwaway mentality". We bring back the emotion and
valuability into products. For the talented men and women
we work with it's always a surprise what they make:
an unique piece, never the same.

Together we let the story continue.


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