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This is how we started

Two years ago, we Lizette Ariens (40) and Jikke Weidema (38), were cycling through the Vondelpark in Amsterdam city. The neighbourhood we both life in. Chatting like mums do. About our children (six in total, two boys and four girls), their schools, our husbands, the city, movies, our dreams and ambitions. It was a monday morning that a plan sneaked into our heads.

We both felt the strong urge to start a business of our own, after working for years for big companies as a journalist (Lizette) and Digital Brand Manager(Jikke). Being more creative and bring something good to this World. That sounds a bit pompous, but over the years, we discovered that we both had a particular knowledge and a strong vision on textile waste.  Although we ourselves were no saints…..

We both saw the piles of clothes in our children’s room as they were growing and growing. After your first child you don’t need that much new stuff to be honest.

We realized… we throw away a lot too easily. And that hurts.

Figures show how serious it is: 30% of what is produced ends up in landfill again. Consumers throw away 11 kilogram of clothes per year. For example: H&M has a leftover of 3.3 billion euro in unsold clothes in their stores worldwide.

This insight gave us the idea to start a business that sets an example.

We wanted to be an example for our own kids. A better world starts with them. It is our responsibility to change the ‘in-or-out’ mindset by buying less, buying conscious and buying better quality.

There is already enough in this world and we wanted to convert non-wearables into wearable’s again. Little Boomerang was born!

Inspired by the basics of what men wear: simple, classic, and timeless, we started our own atelier. We transform preloved shirts into kids clothes. The first custom-made kids brand. All upcycled.

Not easy, because when you want to make sustainable products, and you want to help the world by doing that, your manner of producing should also be social. So we started to work with talented men and women with a distance to the labour market. People in welfare. Because we love the fact to let people grow personally, give them the opportunity to education and to empower them. So all the goods we sell are sustainable ánd social. All made by hand in our atelier in Amsterdam.

Curious about our future dream? Who we are and a glimpse of our work environment? Watch this video!

Jikke Weidema

The challenge we see

Lizette Ariëns