Bugaboo X Atelier Little Boomerang

Re-use of materials into an everyday two-tone bag

Again we joined forces with Bugaboo and gave their high quality surplus materials a second life. Together we made an everyday two-tone bag.

It is not new that in the production of Bugaboo products, residual materials are created. Bugaboo wishes to give the remaining residual materials a new destination instead of destroying it. They always strive to reduce their environmental impact and make conscious choices. So do we, so a perfect match to join forces again!

Together we looked into a way of extending the life cycle of their materials. This resulted into Bugaboo who cleaned out their fabric room and we had the chance to design an up cycled product for them.

The two-tone bag is not a totally new design, because we also designed backpacks made from their surplus fabrics. The design has a message: the white line stands for connection. A connection between two worlds, it connects the consumption society with the social part of it. The two-tone bags are not only sustainable, but also made socially. The bags are produced in partnership with Pantar, an Amsterdam based social firm. Like we are. The only difference is that they exist a bit longer and are able to deal with bigger quantities. Both Pantar and we work with talented people with a distance to the labour market. A perfect and social partnership. And even better, not only a sustainable product, but also social.

Best of two worlds, because with this upcycled bag Bugaboo is able to inform their consumers on the sustainable aspects of their company and Little Boomerang in partnership with Pantar are able to help people with a distance to the labour market giving them work and self-esteem.

Curious about the partnership and the making off?

Watch our video here

Together we’ve made 600 bags in total in 10 different color blocks.  Its an everyday bag which you can use for anything: doing groceries, taking it to your kids swimming class or just use it for anything you like.

The two tone bags are available in the Amsterdam and Berlin Bugaboo brandstore for €14,95 or as a free gift with every Bugaboo purchase.