How it works

You share by sending us your preloved shirts. We care by designing basics inspired by existing shirts. Your little one wears these sustainable and fashionable products. We all know that our resources are limited – that’s why we have to be smart.

We have a solution: by cutting back on resource consumption we reduce our environmental impact. Not only by reusing preloved fabrics, but also by producing locally. All of our cutting and sewing is done in Amsterdam and we manufacture most of our products in our own workshop or with local manufacturing partners. In our workshop we work together with talented women who are disconnected from the labour market.

Together we empower and inspire them. And of course this is a process on its own, which is why we also work with local partners. Our dream is to have our own local workshop, but that will take time. And we want to invest in our dream. For now we make things as social as we can.

The process

Our production process has four distinct steps: collecting, cutting, sewing, finalizing

1. Collecting

Our process starts with sharing what you have or what we have. Each garment has its own story and we want this story to evolve. We have a rich collection of preloved shirts, but it makes it more special if you send us your own shirt.

2. Cutting

Our designs are cut our of the shirts. Each shirt is unique, so it’s not only about cutting, but also about fitting the pattern to the existing garment. No machines! As soon as it fits, the shirt is ready to become something special.

3. Sewing

This is where the real magic happens. Everything comes together and a unique and personal design comes to life. One of our talented women or partners sews the different pieces into something special and unique.

4. Finalizing

We want to deliver quality, so everything needs to be perfect.That’s why we check each new piece: Is the size right? Has it got all its buttons? What about the labels? And so on. We want your little one to look gorgeous.